Meet Jacqueline

Jackie AppleWelcome to Cooking with Jacqueline and my kitchen. As a youngster, I loved hanging out in the kitchen. I learned to make many dishes by just sitting on the counter and watching my mother prepare classic Argentine dishes for our family. In my teens and early twenties I traveled to Europe and South America often. Naturally drawn to the kitchen, I spent hours watching my relatives or host family prepare meals for their families. Some of my most vivid memories of these trips were watching them create flavorful dishes from Cherry Clafouti in Vichy, France, Pasta alla Norcina in Perugia, Italy, to Beef Empanadas in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

As an adult, I cooked whenever I had a chance. In college and graduate school, friends always jumped when I offered to make a meal. I even met my husband this way. Yet, cooking at night and on the weekends was not enough for me. I wanted to learn more and that meant going to cooking school. So, when I had the opportunity, I enrolled at the Tante Marie Cooking School in San Francisco. While I worked hard every day and stressed about every success and failure at cooking school, I had the time of my life. I knew then that the kitchen was the place for me.

I have been teaching cooking classes for over 8 years. For me cooking and teaching is one of the best ways to spend my day. My greatest pleasure is to see students learn something new and know that they will be able to share their new talent with friends and family.

I enjoy using local, organic and sustainable ingredients and am always trying new ingredients. At the same time, I have a family to feed and a busy schedule, so I understand the importance of creating recipes that can be made quickly and efficiently. Using quality ingredients and learning a few cooking techniques can make you a great home chef. The most important message I have for my students is “Just Cook!” You will be amazed at the dishes you can create for your family and friends.

See you in the kitchen!